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Natural, eco-friendly material that is safe for little people’s skin is extremely important to us. We love our children and we want a healthy environment for them to grow up in. We also want to teach them that we are global citizens so it is important to treat one another as we would want to be treated… and that goes for animals too!

We are a Canadian owned and operated clothing company for children ages newborn to 6 years.

The word boské comes from the Spanish word bosque (pronounced bOskay), which means forest.

In the Pacific Northwest, we live in, play in and enjoy the lush, green forests. Our forests are dense, mossy, green woods, thick with evergreens (cedar, pine and fir trees) that keep their leaves, staying green all year long. In this magical playground, children are enchanted with the mystical animals and vegetation and further develop their imaginations.

We found the best materials to create clothing for the imaginative child near another forest, this one in South America. Our clothing is made from high-quality, natural fibers from Peru. They are natural, luxuriously soft, durable and comfortable for the active, curious child.

As an environmentally conscious company, we are committed to making a low-impact on the environment. We love our world. We love our forests. We love our children!

Boské Kids was developed in response to the desire of parents who want to choose the best for their children and the growing public awareness of the harmful materials found in the products we use everyday and the destructive impact we make on our environment. We have developed partnerships with small-scale, family-owned suppliers in Peru that use fair-trade, environmentally friendly practices.



Baby Alpaca is one of the most luxurious natural fibers worldwide! And a perfect all-natural material for children’s wear. It is warmer, lighter and softer than sheep’s wool. The alpaca fiber is naturally resistant to water, solar radiation and is thermal and hypoallergenic (contains no lanolin). The elasticity of the fiber helps maintain the garments shape and the silky smooth texture does not “itch” like other animal fibers. The alpacas (cousins to the llama) roam and graze the Peruvian mountainside and the industry contributes to sustainable agriculture in the Andes. Alpacas have 40 natural shades of fleece and are humanely sheared every 2 years. Baby alpaca is not from young alpacas but rather it is the fiber from the first shearing and refers to the fineness of the alpaca fiber. For the other colours, we use Oeko-Tex Certified dyes.

Pima Cotton is the highest quality of cotton worldwide. Due to its exceptional 1-3/8″ staple length, Peruvian pima cotton is especially soft, durable, absorbent and highly resistant to pilling. Our Baby Basics are made from 100% GOTS certified organic pima cotton which is hand harvested in farms in Peru. There are no chemicals, herbicides, insecticides or pesticides used during growth of the cotton crops or during the production process. The eco-white colour is naturally bleached with Hydrogen Peroxide and the waste turns into water. The other colours are dyed with Oeko-Tex Certified dyes. All print designs use water-based ink and snaps are nickel-free.


Our vision is to create clothing that allows your child to be happy, playful and comfortable while allowing parents, grandparents and family to feel confident that their children are wearing natural, soft and stylish clothing.

The result: comfortable, natural fiber clothing for babies and toddlers that is practical, simple yet elegant in style.


Nurture. Grow. Love.